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Fishing Pier 

San Pedro, California 

Oil on canvas


Daly Avenue 

Bronx, New York 

17 x 22 Inches 

Oil on canvas 


Life as an Artist

Joseph Suib explored and mastered many forms of artistic expression from his application in decorative and faux arts to the more personal in various mediums in Fine Arts. His paintings, drawings, watercolors, etchings, lithographs and sculpture captured the natural world, social and political themes, and the spiritual world.

He attended the evening School of Art at Cooper Union (1899 – 1901) and then the National Academy of Design, where he received several prizes for composition and portraiture, including the prestigious second prize Hallgarten Award in 1906, as well as several honorable mention awards from Cooper Union and the Academy of Design. 

He was a member of the Whitney Studio Club (later to become the Whitney Museum) and the Society of Independent Artists. His work was exhibited at the People’s Art Guild, American-Anderson Galleries, and the Whitney Studio Club. 

Suib exhibited with many notable artists of the time, including Marsden Hartley, Chaim Gross, Milton Avery, ee Cummings, Ben Shahn, John Sloan, and William Glakens. 

Joseph Suib, right, with

fellow artists

In 1940, Joseph Suib was commissioned by Isabel T. Bradley, a well-known interior decorator, to work in the Government House in Nassau, Bahamas, newly occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. 

He was commissioned by prominent families and socialites of the times to decorate their homes with his exceptional skills of graining and marbling, as well as murals and screens. 


Awards and Recognition

  • 2nd Prize Hallgarten award at the Academy of Design – 1906   Included in American Art News, Jun. 16, 1906, Vol. 4, No. 32      Original document available:

  • Honorable Mention – Academy of Design – 1908 Included in American Art News, Jun. 13, 1908, Vol. No.31.

  • Honorable Mention Awards at Cooper Union – Form, Cast Drawing, Clay Modeling From 1901 Cooper Union Annual Report

  • Painting a Place in America: Jewish Artists in New York 1900-1945

Select Exhibitions

Society of Independent Artists 

  • 1918 - Peacock Screen

  • 1925 - Waldorf Astoria: Nebula and Weeds and Flowers 

Whitney Studio Club

  • 1919 - A portrait group in brown crayon by Joseph Suib, New York Tribune

  • 1920 -Works 129. Santa Monica Canyon, California.  130. Screen

  • 1922 - Works: 28 -- Red Haired Girl Rosamond Tudor 29 -- Mountains Bearville

  • 1923 - Annual Exhibition of paintings and sculpture by the members of the Whitney Studio Club

        Works: 110 Lamp Illustrating The Rubyat of Omar Khayam By Joseph Suib

Joseph Suib, right, with

fellow artists on the California coast


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American Art Association-Anderson Galleries-Salon of America

  • 1933- Miss Lena Segal (bronze sculpture), Struggle (bronze sculpture), Elements and Emotions (painting).

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